Fruit of the Spirit App

Track your daily spiritual growth! 



Welcome to this personalised spiritual growth journal. Each day you can:
Select which Fruit of the Spirit you have applied,
which one you have learnt about and
which one others have experienced in you.
reflect on other aspects of your day
identify your prayer points
keep tract of your entries to revisit them regularly.
An opportunity to reflect on those what need strengthening and those that need more practice.
The App is in Spanish and English

Fruit of the Spirit App features

Easy to use

Just tap in the Image to track your daily growth in the Fruit of the Spirit

See your growth

You can see what of the fruit you used/learnt/other saw more and less

Awareness examen

Answer every day these easy questions to take the Awarerness examen.

Prayer list

You can add new reasons to pray and then see the whole list.

Daily notes

Add significant events to track your history and see how God is working in your life

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